I could not resist writing this post, started off with it on the flight back
from Colorado. These pictures have been taken in Rocky Mountain National park,
Colorado, on a hike from Bear lake trail head to Emerald lake.

A lot can be said about the beauty of this trail and the park itself but that’s
for another day. Today, I just want to dedicate this post to these “Reflections”
in these lakes.


Bear Lake, just after full sunrise !!

Bear Lake, different angle, perfect mirror !!


The clouds staring into there own eyes !!

Nymph Lake, the ice breaking the reflection of the mountains !!

Dream Lake, my favorite. Hallett Peak soaring high above the lake !!


In the last couple of years, wherever I have been, I have thought that nothing can be more beautiful than that place. And I have always been proved wrong by this planet’s never-ending mysteries. At this moment, these “Reflections” are at the top of my mind-list and I am waiting, looking forward to mother nature proving me wrong again.

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