Death Valley

Death Valley in California is one of those places that is widely perceived incorrectly as a why-would-anyone-go-here kinda place. Well, I will tell you that this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in California. And that is saying a lot considering California has got shortage has beautiful landmarks.

Death valley as lots of lots of absolutely straight roads. You would know you are close to the park as you begin to see such landscapes.


Once you get closer, you will get a better look at these picturesque painting-like rocks with colored palettes. The whole place is rich with such rocks.


The best views of these palettes can be enjoyed from Zabriskie point.


Not surprisingly, there are sand dunes in death valley.  


The golden slot canyons are mesmerizing.


Badwater basin salt flat lives up to its expectation as well, miles and miles of pure table salt. And this is also the lowest point in North America – some 279 ft below sea level.


Some stunning views of the mountains around.


And more straight roads.



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