Hidden gem of Colorado

Can a desert, mountains and a flowing creek exist together at the same place? Well, turns
out that, not only do they co-exist but in some ways are essential to each
other in this gem of a place called “The Great Sand Dunes national park” in Colorado.

For anyone who is visiting the more coveted and famous Rocky Mountain National park, I highly recommend paying a visit to this place as well. Its just a couple of hours away from Denver and its totally worth it.0e78d0ef-4f73-4b97-942a-9cf1428b6236

Even the drive towards the park is charmed with scenic views like this.


To put the size of these dunes in perspective, look at the pictures closely, you will see many tourists walking on these dunes. 



The hike to the top of the “Star dune” – the tallest dune in North America – is no fun. Every step involves digging ones feet out of the smooth silky sand, coupled with the heat and dusty wind. But, like all good hikes, there is reward at the end of it. The dunes form beautiful pattern, like an artist has painted with a brush.



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