Niagara falls in winter

Winter is here and so is the holiday season. Admittedly, my holiday travels started a little early this with a very short visit to Niagara falls in early December. Considering that I live in California, flying to Pittsburgh, driving to Niagara and back home within a weekend was almost borderline crazy. But our motivation was to see what this famous wonder has to offer in the freezing cold weather.

I was hoping to see a fully frozen falls but alas I was not in luck this time. But the falls still look absolutely delightful. The clouds in the sky and Canada in the background make it even more so. And, as can see, ice is beginning to set in. With temperatures sub-zero throughout the day, in a few weeks its all gonna be frozen.


Sometimes a prop fits in perfectly.

When we stepped in the park, we almost immediately noticed that the squirrels behaved very peculiarly. They seem to run towards us, sometimes even jumping on people. Well, turned out that those poor sweet were incredibly hungry. The cold weather is way more harsher on them than us tourists.


The freezing tree, freezing weather and freezing water. And understandably, we were also freezing. 

The one good thing about visiting in the winter is that the illuminations begin much earlier in the evening because it gets darker by 5pm. I am not a fan of artificial lights for a natural beauty but then it does look good.


2 thoughts on “Niagara falls in winter

    1. Mel & Suan, yes not entirely but sometimes (like in 2015) is got so cold for a long period of time that it appeared to be completely frozen. There have been times when people have sled on the sheet of ice formed over the flowing river but several died doing so and that practice has stopped.

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