Sequoia National Park

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I finally made a trip to Sequoia National Park over the last weekend, had been on my list for the last couple of years but kept missing out. First of all, those trees in the park are giant. They make us realize how small we are in this world.

Let’s start with the mighty “General Sherman” tree (Yes, trees in this park have names).  It’s the largest currently living tree, 2200 years old, 275 feet tall and circumferent at the base is about 102.6 ft. 


That, my dear friends, is the foot of a fallen tree. 


And of course, a car can go through those trees 🙂

After a short hike (400 steps) to the top of Moro rock, we managed to enjoy the beautiful and colorful sunset. From an elevation of approximately 7000ft, those layers and layers of sierra mountains actually look very pretty.


Turns out that some dude named Hale Tharp actually made a home for himself in one of the trees.

And as we can see, my wife can easily fit in many of them 🙂


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