Beautiful Pacific

Last weekend, I went on a 2-hour drive on California Highway 1, also popularly known as Pacific Coast Highway. The road provides excellent views of the pacific ocean and its open vastness. This is one of the best things about living in Bay Area, pacific ocean is always accessible.

Pictures above at different points on PCH. There are plenty of vista points and it’s a photographers paradise throughout. A lot of people also ask me about the popular 17-Mile drive (, but I personally prefer Highway 1 for scenic views. Unless you want to specifically see the “Lone cypress tree”, take Highway 1, it certainly has better views.


There are many beaches along the way on PCH. Pfeiffer beach is my personal favorite on this route. It’s located very mysteriously – one would miss the super sharp right turn if not careful – and the last 0.5-mile drive is on a single lane (for both sides) unpaved road that takes to the small paid parking lot. The beach feels like a small island because of its location and cliffs/water being on all sides. There are many beaches in California, this one looks special because of the rock formations and water splashing into them. 


 I was skeptical about this till I saw it with my own eyes – yep, the beach has purple sand which makes it all the more attractive.


I have always seen bridges along the ocean in movies and tv shows that look stunning and wanted to drive on one of them. Well, Bixby bridge is one of them, mountains on one side and absolutely gorgeous Pacific ocean on the other.


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