Beautiful Iceland

I have seen some of the most beautiful things nature has to offer on my recent visit to Iceland. Things that I can never forget, things that I will always cherish. I have no hesitation in saying that there is no other place on this earth like Iceland.

Here I am posting some of the pictures from this magnificent country along with some description.

Below are two of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. In fact, Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. statues of the Norse gods (Thor, Loki etc) were thrown into the Godafoss waterfall when Christianity was made the religion of Iceland. And, also, look at the rainbow.


The wreckage of a crashed US aircraft left to rot in Black Sand beach, Iceland. A long 4 kilometer walk to reach this site. Perfect location for photographers.

Skogafoss and seljalandsfoss waterfalls below. There are over 10000 waterfalls in the country and many of them are absolutely gorgeous

Below are pictures of Vatnajokull glacier and lagoons near the glacier. A 5 hour hike to get a little closer to the top of this glacier and some breathtaking views.

Wind blows really hard in Iceland. Our car rental company (Blue car rental) actually warned us to hold the car door when opening so it doesnt get blown away. Another weird Iceland fact, there are many more sheep in Iceland than humans.

The bridge in the picture connects the North American and Eurasian continental plate.

Along with so much nature and scenery around, Reykjavik (Capital of Iceland) is a very modern and stunning city.

Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) as seen from Reykjavik, Iceland

And the best thing that Iceland gave me is this image of a lifetime. Spectacular views of Northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. It was a delight to see it under the stars on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic.

Iceland has so many more things to offer, there are lakes, craters, caves, ice caves, volcanoes and so on. The glacial water is crystal clear, and its so pure that you can feel the difference when you drink it. There are long stretches of nothingness – at one point, my wife and I did not see a single human being for about 25 minutes while driving. Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world. Horses here have a unique gait found nowhere else in the world. I can keep going on and on raving about Iceland but it wont be enough. Seriously, go and experience it for yourself!!

P.S. I have used my Nexus 6p to capture pretty much all of these pictures except the northern lights one.

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